City of Marco Island Emails

The following emails were produced by the government of the City of Marco Island pursuant to several Freedom of Information Act demands (Florida Statute 119).

Despite the myriad requests, it has been documented that not all emails and their attachments have been produced. Additionally, some requests have been ignored, denied or obfuscated into protracted debates rendering the requestor with nothing.

Therefore, do not be surprised if you know of an email to exist but it is not in these repositories.


2005 and 2006 Emails - Searchable! Click Here


2007 and 2008 Emails are divided into batches (due to the nature in which they were produced by the city). They are presented here exactly as produced by the City.


The abridged summary of these emails as posted on the blog on Aug 15, 2008 is reprinted here for your convenience:
Thanks to the efforts of a local patriot, the following links are to the emails produced by the City of Marco Island due to a Freedom of Information Act (Florida Statute 119) request.

The over-600 pages of emails are quite revealing and raise some questions. Here is an incomplete synopsis from a quick perusal:
  • There are many instances where city employees and councilpersons are being told what to do, what to say, and before they say anything, they run it by a one John Arceri as quoted "to make sure it looks good".
  • This same individual is requesting reviews/studies/visits from companies on behalf of the city. Where exactly did this authorization come from?
  • This individual is communicating on behalf of the city with vendors, contractors and other organizations as the intermediary between them and city employees and councilpersons. Where exactly did this authorization come from?
  • City employees and councilpersons are being bombarded by "information" by this individual.
  • This individual reviews and comments on public performances and public declarations by city employees.
  • Even the wives of the councilpersons are communicating with this individual on city issues.
  • There are some pictures/postcards of waterfalls.
  • There are quite a number of lunch meetings, and a plethora of requests for lunch meetings between city employees and this individual.
  • There are several long ago debunked FDEP environmental "studies".
  • The city penchant to owning its own utility and underground power lines is well underway - notice that the "citizens" advisory group meeting has yet to occur.
  • There is quite a lot of duplication in the emails. The order is random, as if intentionally shuffled by the city when producing the documents. The attachments to some emails were not provided - keeping up with past practices and in clear violation of Florida law.
  • The GOD BLESS AMERICA line in one email (the councilperson did not write it, just copied-pasted from somewhere else) is a refreshing read given that it is buried within so much evil ... except that the ACLU would have a field day with this one - you know, using public facilities (email) to even mention GOD.

The Highlight (so far):
And the most sickeningly revealing email found to date: a person in a law firm that is tied with the governing elite from Marco to Crist writes an email to syndicate operatives, councilors, wives thereof and the other usual suspects quoting an article about the state of education in Florida and
writes: "I was not aware the education system in the state was so poor".

What???? Can anyone be that stupid? Where have they been? And these are the pols that run Marco. Forget GOD BLESS AMERICA - how about GOD HELP US.

Since it is obvious from this produced batch of emails that one non-elected, non-city employee individual is directing efforts, here is an efficiency and money saving idea: fire every city employee and every councilperson (and their wives) and hire this individual. This way we cut out the puppetted middle persons and save a fortune.