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| MySQL Experts |
| MS Access 2007 Experts |
| Data Modeling Experts || Analytics |
| Informatics || Systems Analysis/Design |
| Web → Database Experts |
Let us model and install the most appropriate implementation of MySQL ... one that meets your needs. Whether we do it on your servers, or on ours, we perform the analysis and modeling at no charge, no obligation.
Anyone can hack an Access file. We create an Access solution to ensure the best use of this desktop tool. Send us your 2003 or 2007 Access database and we will evaluate it as well as give you a quote at no charge, no obligation.
Informatics? Analytics? So you have all of these data - now what? Let us create the straightforward routines for deriving information - for deriving the gold that is in your data - inclusive of using publicly available data to enrich the information you can get!
Systems Analysis & Design is the step everyone misses - not taught in academia and the hackers are too busy writing code to pay attention to the most important element of developing any application or system. (That is why nearly 75% of all system projects fail!). We are the systems analysis and design experts having written the textbooks - literally. Let us create for you the envisioning phase at no charge, no obligation.
And how do you capture data from the web into a secured database? Better still, how do you get to all of that wonderful data via a secured web connection? Just those things, and more, is what we do!

Data Modeling , Access Evaluation , MySQL Review & More  →  provided at no charge and with no obligation.
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